Windows 10 Update left computer with no network access

Posted: October 14, 2017 in upgrade, windows 10
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Imagine my surprise to login after a Windows update yesterday and have no network connectivity!  Here’s what I discovered:

  • In adapter options in Network Connections, the only device that showed up was a connection from a VPN client software program that I had used earlier in the year.
  • In device manager, my network adapter devices were all  there, but in looking at the events in properties, the most current indicated additional actions were needed.
  • On another computer, I downloaded most current drivers, and then on the errant one uninstalled the adapters, installed the new drivers, re-scanned for new devices and they re-installed.

The end result was that nothing changed.  I was a bit desperate about trying to restore or rebuild this computer.  Then I tried something that was simple, and it worked.

In Programs and Features in Control Panel, I uninstalled the VPN software client (in reality I had two different ones, but chose the one that appeared in network connections).  I rebooted, and voila!  Everything was back to normal.

Subsequently I did a search and found a number of posts about upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 and having an old Cisco VPN client installed, but nothing more recent.  These posts suggested doing what I did, so I guess I was intuitively lucky.  I hope this helps you from having any angst or requiring similar luck.


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