How to Get Sent Mail into the Sent Folder on Shared Mailboxes

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Office 2013, Office 365, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013

What Are Shared Mailboxes

Although shared mailboxes are a feature of Exchange Server, I will focus more their use in Office 365.  A shared mailbox there is one which doesn’t require a specific user license but is created with access granted to other users how do have Exchange licenses. Additionally, they can be granted permissions as well.

Why use shared mailboxes and not just use a distribution list?  When you use a distribution list, incoming mail is forwarded to each person on the distribution list, and in general it is mixed with all the email for all addresses associated with that person.  In other words, mail from one particular address is not distinguished and separated.

A bigger problem can occur when sending replies or new emails. Although  inbound mail is sent to everyone on the distribution list, there is no guarantee that any replies, or new emails, will be copied to those recipients as well.  Keeping all of the sent and received emails together is at best challenging.

Shared mailboxes solve this problem.  It has its own set of standard folders such as inbox, sent, etc., and you can create custom folders.  If you have send permissions you can send from its email address.

So What Is the Problem?

Standard behavior for Outlook is to put all sent mail into the primary mailbox Sent folder, no matter what email address or mailbox you send from.  If you have all of the email related to the shared mailbox in its container, why would you want to mix sent items with your own?

There is a Solution

First, close Outlook if it is running.  While you can make the change while it is running, it needs to be restarted before it will work, so you might as well do it now.

From the search bar in Windows 10, type regedit and then click on the result to run.  In Windows 7 click Run and type regedit then click OK. Or from Windows 8 search, type regedit and run it.

Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER and keep expanding until you have reached


Note this is for Office 2016.  If you are using Office 2013, change the 16.0 to 15.0; Office 2010, change the 16.0 to 14.0.

In the right hand pane, right-click and choose New->DWORD.   For the value type


and press Enter.  Then right-click on that key when it shows up and click Modify.  In the Value data box, enter 1 and click OK.

Exit the registry editor.

Start Outlook and give it a try.  You will see sent items for the shared folder in its sent folder, not in your primary email sent folder.




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