Hyper-v Virtual Machine Windows 8 Failure to Modify Devices – Trend Micro Issue

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Hyper-v, Trend Micro, Virtual Machine, vm, Windows 8, Worry Free
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The Scenario

I needed a Windows 7 OS to run an older version of an application on 32-bit, but I had converted my system to Windows 8 64-bit.  Since I had plenty of memory, I decided to run Windows 7 32-bit as a virtual machine using Hyper-v in Windows 8.  Since it is just like Hyper-v in Windows Server 2012, this was effortless.  I created the machine, installed Windows 7 32-bit on it, installed Office (needed for the app) and the app itself.

All was pretty heavenly, just clicked on the taskbar icon for the VM, and the app was at my fingertips.

Then something went wrong.  The data files could not be located on a network share.  It wasn’t the share but the whacky behavior of the network adapter on the virtual machine.  It could get a DHCP address from the server (release and renew worked), but it was otherwise isolated.  Kaput.  Couldn’t get to a thing.

First Attempt to Remedy

My thought was that the network adapter attached to the VM was faulty.  I could ping, but I either got destination not reachable or request timed out, often a mix of the two.  So I shut down the machine, went to settings, removed the network adapter and tried to add another one.  No luck.  It kept giving me a failure that it couldn’t add anything in the machine’s current state.

Tried to Create a New Virtual Machine

This seemed to indicate a problem with the instance of the virtual machine, and if I couldn’t remove devices, maybe I could use the existing .vhdx in a new machine.  I also decided to be clever and store it on a network share that was being backed up by Windows Server Backup.  Well, not so clever.  It wouldn’t allow me to stash the virtual machine there nor allow me to use the .vhdx copy I had placed there.  So back to storing om local drives.

But creating the virtual machine kept failing with an error that contained

“The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with user-mapped section open”

What the heck was that?  After some snooping, I realized it might be a permissions or blocking error.  Eliminating permissions, I decided to try and eliminate blocking. I had Trend Micro Worry Free Advanced running on the domain server, with an agent on this desktop, so I disabled it.

Sure enough, creating the virtual machine using the old .vhdx from the failed machine worked. And when it started, all was well with the network.

What I Learned

  1. You can re-use a virtual disk from an old virtual machine on a new virtual machine.
  2. Anti-virus software can block virtual machine creation and maybe ongoing operation.
  3. I needed material for a new post.

I hope this helps some of you expand your virtual Hype4r-v horizons.  It is a great tool.


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