Hyper-v Virtual Machine after a move Server 2012

Posted: June 13, 2013 in SBS 2011

The Problem

One of the really convenient and great features in Server 2012 is the Move action.  You can move a virtual machine from one server to another, even while it is running, or you can move the storage locations for the virtual disks and snapshots individually or do it all.

I have experienced a few problems but only occasionally.  One issue is that Windows activation was required after moving to a different host, and the other is not  being able to successfully start the VM with a an error that contains:

could not create or access saved state file

Fixing the Problem

I haven’t actually discovered how to fix the activation problem or fully understand why it occurs.  I’ll leave that for later.

The other issue seems completely related to permissions.  While I stumbled across three or four articles with way beyond cryptic instructions that try as I might, I could not follow nor make work.  So here is what I did instead.

  1. I deleted the virtual machine but left all of the data files for it behind.
  2. I then created a new virtual machine pointing to the old .vhd(x) file instead of creating a new one.
  3. After creating it, i set the dynamc memory options and number of processors.
  4. Then I started the machine and got no errors.

Several things did happen as a result, however.

The reservation I had set up in DHCP did not take as the NIC was different.

The Windows activation popped up because it detected a hardware change.

Tolerable tradeoffs instead of fighting with a monster.


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