ADFS 2.0 and Single Sign On

Posted: August 4, 2012 in SBS 2011
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If you are using Office 365, there are two things you can add to your domain to integrate the management of your AD and Office 365 users and consolidate how they log onto the site for Exchange and SharePoint.  Let me warn you in advance of several things:

  1. This is only slightly SBS Standard friendly.  To implement it, you need a DC and a member but not DC server on premise or at least seemingly so.
  2. It is somewhat tricky and complex to set up.
  3. You will need a separate public IP address, a public name in DNS, and a trusted third party certificate that matches the name and resolves to the member server mentioned above, with port 443 traffic passing through to it.

You will need some patience with my blog, as I will not get all of this done in one or two postings, most likely three or so.

With this teaser, I will post another blog soon on how to get started.

The result is pretty cool.  Make changes in your on-premise AD and see them appear in Office 365 users.  And when you attempt to log on to Office 365, your log on will show another link that appears to your federation site where you log on and are then returned to Office 365, the single sign on part.

I would especially like to hear what the interest level is.


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