SharePoint 2010 – Incoming E-mail not Posting to Library or List

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Exchange 2010, Inbound email, SBS 2011, SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Services


You have configured incoming e-mail for your SharePoint site (see my earlier post on how to do this) and have assigned an e-mail address to your list or library.  Incoming e-mails have been posting as you expected, then all of a sudden they don’t.  What’s up with that?

Things You Probably Check

If you are like me, here is what you might check for:

  1. In Central Administration, is inbound e-mail configured properly?
  2. Does the dropbox folder still exist, and it’s path match what you specified in #1 above?
  3. Are permissions on the dropbox folder correct?  The dropbox directory must have the following permissions assigned to it:
    • Network Service: Full Control
    • System: Full Control
    • Administrators: Full Control
  4. Is other incoming e-mail working, and if not, what is disrupting Exchange performance?
  5. Another thing I checked was the job status in SharePoint Central Administration.  I was looking for the Timer job for in-coming e-mail, and clicked to run it now.  No luck of course.

If you make it through all of those without discovering anything, the next thing to do is look in the dropbox folder.  I always use \inetpub\mailroot\drop, but your path may be different.

The Fix

When I browsed to that folder, I found a bunch of .eml files.  These were the attachments from incoming e-mail that were supposed to have landed in (in my case) a document library.  It’s as though they arrived at the airport but were being detained by customs agent, but no particular reason why.  And this post does not hint at why, either. But here’s how to spring them from confinement.

Simply run SharePoint configuration again.  Click through the default settings on the wizard and let it run.  I had the dropbox folder open, and I will leave it to you to imagine my pleasure at seeing, during Step 9 when the timer was being configured, to see all the waiting .eml files simply disappear.  Once the wizard completed, I opened the site and document library, and there they were, as expected.

Hope this helps and if anyone can help provide the cause, please share it with us.


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