SBS 2011 User Role Assignment after Migration from 2008

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Migration, SBS 2008, SBS 2011
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Just when you think everything was working.

The Symptoms of the Problem

A system administrator, responsible for assigning users, called to let me know there was an issue.  He could not create a new user, nor could he assign an existing user to a machine, much less make them local adminstrators.  What was even more puzzling was when he used the SBS Console to do this, it appeared to work.  However, went he went back to that user’s settings, no changes he made showed up.

Obviously this was a feature he wanted to remove.

Finding the Problem

It was not obvious what was causing the system to behave this way.  In fact, it seemed whereever I looked, I could find no problems.  It just didn’t work.

Then I happed to look at the system administrator account (we disabled Administrator and were using another account name).  I don’t know exactly why, but happened to look at what groups that account belonged to using the Console.  To my shock, only a few groups appeared:  all users, Windows SBS Fax Users, and Window SBS Link Users. 

Fixing the Problem

I also checked on roles, and the proper group membership was missing there as well.  So I added the missing groups to the role and to the user.  I also checked on the role for standard user, which was also missing some groups, so I fixed that role, too.  Then I applied the Standard User role to the individual users, and everyone was back in business. The system administrator could now work properly as well.

You may not be as lucky as I to have a handful of working SBS 2011 systems to use as a guide, so I am pasting in some screen shots for your reference.

The system admininistrator account

And Network Administrator Role

NetworkAdministrator Role Memberships


Never did find out why this fell off during conversion.  The SBS 2008 groups have different names, but….


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