XP Client Computer Stopped Being Updated by WSUS

Posted: May 15, 2011 in SBS 2011
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A client computer running XP Professional SP as a member of a SBS 2011 domain just got stubborn on me.  It got grouchy about a couple of things, all related to line of business (LOB – you might see that from me again) applications.  After doing some repairs, I noticed that this particular computer was not showing up in client computers in WSUS, and the SBS Console showed that there was an error getting the update status.  An unknown error.  With no more information available.  The worst kind.  No one has a clue error.

Attempt one to fix the problem was to remove it from the domain and have it rejoin.  That worked great, as an exercise in removing a client computer and rejoining it to the domain, but not so much in fixing the update issue.

Attempt two was to try and update directly from the Microsoft web site.  That worked not so great, in fact, not at all.  Updates just failed.

Then I tried this:  From the Start menu, click RUN and enter into the dialogue box:


That should re-register the .dll properly.  It did.  And the next time the client processed GPO, it re-appeared in WSUS and in the SBS console properly.  Phew.

  1. Jeffrey, Upstate NY says:

    Not exactly the same issue, but I have found that most Microsoft updates fail if the account installing the updates does not have the “Manage auditing and security log” user right.

    While this right is granted by default to administrators, in some high security environments, the right can be restricted to a smaller group, such as security managers or auditors (so administrators cannot delete the security log or change auditing settings without leaving some kind of trail).


  2. […] All services were running however it was still not updating, so I eventually turned to Google and was able to hunt down this link to a blog “SBS and Beyond”, […]


  3. Thanks for the reference. Nice article on how to solve the problem and a good tip on detect now.


  4. I’m running into a similar issue I can’t seem to figure out. I have just deployed a SBS 2008 network at a clients site with 20 XP clients. There are two machines in particular that throw up the “unknown” error you mentioned now and then, but after a few reboots it resolves itself on its own. I am now stuck with one client which shows update status to the server as “critical” even though all critical and optional updates are now installed. It should also be noted that this one machine doesn’t seem to download updates vis WSUS at all, even running wuauclt /detectnow does not seem to get it going. All updates I have had to install from the windows update site manually. I have tried removing and readding the machine to the domain and also running the command you mentioned in your post but still no joy.

    All clients and the server were clean installs and have hardly been used since. Clients running XP Pro SP3 and server on SBS 2008, clients and server also have Office 2010 installed.

    Any ideas?

    Screenshot here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s144/sh/29cace6e-24cd-4807-acf2-5d0fd9a7792b/9ab4fd3d6ab920b4b84566531809855b


  5. Seems like you have done everything correctly. I can’t think of anything to recommend. Sorry.


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