SBS 2011 RTM

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Hyper-v, iSCSI, SBS 2011, Virtual Machine
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SBS 2011 RTM – release to manufacturing – is a done deal as of about December 11th.  On December 17th, it became available as a TechNet subscriber download, but as of this posting on Christmas Eve, it was not yet available for partner download.  Nor, it seems, can you purchase it in the retail channel.

Still no official word out of Microsoft that I have heard from about technology protection for customers who purchase SBS 2008 in this time just before 2011 appears.  Stay tuned for more information.

Next year, some articles about installing SBS 2011 as a virtual machine.  You can’t install SBS 2011 and run virtual machines under it, but you can install Hyper-v Manager or Windows 2008 R2 Core as a shell-based Hyper-v host and run SBS 2011 as a virtual machine.  Or better still, if you have a 2008 R2 license – a second one comes with the premium version of SBS – install the standard version as the host OS.

Also, I will be writing about the virtues and benefits of iSCSI for storage in SBS environments.  The price has come way down on quality, feature-rich iSCSI platforms, and the flexibility and other benefits are just too much to ignore.

See you next year!


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