SBS Fix Note- SMTP Service

Posted: August 1, 2009 in Exchange 2007, Inbound email, SBS 2008, SharePoint Services, Windows 2008 Server

Don’t Add SMTP Server to SBS 2008

That is the short answer and caveat.  But if for some reason you do, you will want to remove it.  If you forgot how you added it to subsequently remove it, use Server Manager and then Features.

So Here’s the Thing

You use Server Manager and Features, you remove features and uncheck SMTP.  The remove wizard goes about its business, and the server feature is removed.  But then you get a dialogue box that you need to reboot your server, which you do.  That means everything is okay, right?

Not So Fast, Buddy

When the server comes back up, everthing seems okay. But as the old saw goes, looks can be deceiving.  For grins, try running Connect to the Internet wizard.  It will terminate with an error telling you rem0te access in not configured correctly; restart and try again.  Don’t bother – it won’t help.

Next try running Fix my network.  It will tell you (at least) that your domain name is configured incorrectly and that your connectivity certificate is not installed.  It will try to fix them. Run it again if you want to see how successful that was.  Or take my word for it that it won’t help.

Are You Going to Keep Me in Suspense or What?

To help you keep your sanity and not waste your time, launch Server Manager again.  The SMTP uninstall wizard will finish up and announce SMTP server has been removed as a feature.

All is well in SBS world again.


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