Migration Issues for SBS 2008 – Active Directory Replication Taking too Long

Posted: December 30, 2008 in SBS 2008
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I ran into this problem as a result of being in a rush and not carefully checking everything. Let me give you the short background.

SBS 2008 was to be installed in an existing Windows 2003 domain (not SBS 2003). The domain had only a single DC and a handful of client machines. A perfect migration scenario to SBS 2008.

There was a small challenge in terms of hardware. Windows 2003 Server was running on a 64-bit box, and the only other available box was a 32-bit but capable Pentium 4 one. What I did was to make a disk image of the existing hard drive onto a USB drive for backup, then physically move the drive from the 64-bit box to the 32-bit one. It booted up just fine and immediately began running as the existing 2003 DC. I put a fresh hard drive into the 64-bit box, plugged in the USB dongle with the answer file, and started the migration.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I had one small maintenance task to do after the 2003 DC came up on the 32-bit box. I had to change the properties on the NIC to give it a static address. That turned out to be very important.

While the migration install got going, I raised the domain and forest levels of the existing domain. Then off to bed.

When I got back to to the systems the next day, I was surprised to see a message that Active Directory Replication was taking longer than expected. I gave it more time and went about some other things. In fact, I gave it more time several times. My “other tasks” became looking for problems in the event logs and in KB articles and other blogs. Nothing showed up.

Don’t ask me why I checked the settings on the network card, but I did. The static IP, gateway and all were just fine, but I had accidentally switched digits on the primary DNS server, which should have pointed to the DC itself. Instead of 242, I had entered 142.

I changed the setting, and low and behold, the progress bar on the SBS 2008 migration install starting moving again.

  1. AMRAAM says:

    Thanks for that suggestion, I had done exactly the same thing, and correcting the DNS IP address resolved this issue.

    Once the progress bar started moving, I slapped myself hard on the forehead.


  2. Thanks for the comment. I am in the process of doing quite a few 2003/2008 to 2011 migrations and will be posting the good, bad and ugly soon.


  3. 220 says:

    Thanks for that tip!

    Migration from sbs 2003 to sbs 2011 was also failing and chaning the dns server from the router ip to the actual dc ip solved the issue 😉 You just saved me hours of frustration!


  4. Always gratifying to hear… keep checking in for more goodies


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