SBS, EBS and Beyond

Posted: December 16, 2008 in General Blog Comments

Small Business Server 2008 (SBS) and Essential Business Server (EBS) have been released by Microsoft and are aimed at the Small to Medium-Sized Business (SMSB) market.  “Beyond” does not refer to Microsoft products for larger businesses, but instead what SMSB need once their domain is installed: using the technologies to execute on their strategic business objectives.

This blog has been created to help small and medium sized business owners understand more about how technology, especially Information Technology, can help their businesses address core and strategic needs.  By focusing on “business first,” the blog is intended to aid business owners access recommendations they receive from consultants, advisors, vendors and “in-laws” on what they should do when confronted with computer and IT issues.

The blog is also targeted to those consultants, advisers, vendors and “helpful friends” to provide them clearer insights to the strategic and tactical problems SMSB businesses face.  It is not enough to install the computers and software, hook the wires together, and declare the installations to be successful; real business problems need to be solved, and users need to know how to use the tools in consistent and meaningful ways.

Lastly, this blog targets those whose professional service efforts are targeting SMSB.  It will provide a place where they can share experiences, solutions and approaches to helping companies who need it the most.

For more about the blog, click on “About” link on the navigation pane on the left.


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